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From seasoned gamers to aspiring developers and creative enthusiasts, we welcome all to join our journey of game development and Unity services. Unleash your imagination and let us craft captivating gaming experiences that transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impact.

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With our seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and artistic finesse, we ensure that your game stands out from the competition. We handle every aspect of the development process, allowing you to focus on your vision while we bring it to fruition.

At Modern Media, we understand the importance of speed. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering projects promptly, without compromising on quality. By leveraging our extensive experience in Unity game development, we streamline the process, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.

Our all-inclusive services cover every aspect of game creation, from concept design to programming and art production. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your requirements and translate them into captivating gaming experiences. Whether you need a mobile game, a virtual reality experience, or anything in between, we have the expertise to make it a reality.

Choose Modern Media as your trusted partner in game development. Contact us today to discuss your project and witness the transformative power of our skills and creativity.

Game Development PACKAGES


  • Game Design and Conceptualization
  • 2D/3D Asset Creation
  • Level Design and Environment Creation
  • Basic VR/AR Integration
  • Basic Simulation Mechanics
  • Basic Animation and Character Rigging
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Testing and Bug Fixes
  • Platform Support (e.g., PC, Mobile)


  • Enhanced Game Design and Conceptualization
  • Detailed 2D/3D Asset Creation
  • Advanced Level Design and Environment Creation
  • Extended VR/AR Integration with Interactive Elements
  • Advanced Simulation Mechanics and Physics
  • Advanced Animation and Character Rigging
  • AI Implementation
  • Multiplayer Functionality
  • Sound Design and Audio Integration
  • Additional Platform Support (e.g., Console, Web)

VR, AR & Game Developement portfolio

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Frequently asked questions in modern media

How much does game development cost?

The cost of game development varies depending on the complexity and requirements of each project. We provide customized quotes based on your specific needs, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Can you give me a rough estimate of the price range for game development?

Since our prices are tailored to each project, it’s difficult to provide an exact price range without knowing the specific details. However, we offer competitive pricing and work within your budget to deliver high-quality results.

What factors influence the cost of game development?

Several factors contribute to the cost, including the scope of the project, the number of features, the level of graphics and animation required, platform compatibility, and any additional services like VR integration. We take all these aspects into account while determining the cost.

Do you offer virtual reality (VR) game development services?

Absolutely! We specialize in VR game development and have the expertise to create immersive experiences for various platforms, including VR headsets. Our team can build realistic virtual environments that engage and captivate users.

Can game development be used for industries other than gaming?

Yes, definitely! Game development extends beyond traditional gaming and can be utilized for applications in various industries. We can create gamified solutions, simulations, and virtual training environments for sectors like education, healthcare, real estate, and more.

What are hyper casual games, and can you develop them?

Hyper casual games are lightweight, easy-to-play games that require minimal time and effort from the players. They are designed to be addictive and engaging. Yes, we can develop hyper casual games tailored to your specific requirements.

Can you handle the entire game development process from concept to release?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled professionals can handle the entire game development process, starting from concept design and prototyping to programming, artwork, sound design, and quality assurance. We ensure a seamless development journey for our clients.

What technologies and platforms do you specialize in for game development?

We have expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms, including Unity, Unreal Engine, C#, C++, and various VR platforms. Our developers stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and are skilled in implementing cutting-edge technologies.

How can I get a personalized quote for my game development project?

To get a personalized quote, simply reach out to us through our website’s contact form or email. Provide us with details about your project, including the concept, platform requirements, desired features, and any specific deadlines. We’ll get back to you promptly with a tailored quote.

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