VR Flight Therapy

VR Flight Therapy

VR Flight Therapy: A Virtual Reality App for Treating Airplane Phobia

Do you have a fear of flying that prevents you from traveling or enjoying your trips? Do you want to overcome your anxiety in a safe and immersive way? If so, VR Flight Therapy is the app for you!

VR Flight Therapy is a virtual reality app designed for the Oculus Quest headset that simulates the experience of flying on an airplane. You can choose from different scenarios, such as boarding, takeoff, landing, turbulence, or emergency situations. You can also customize the level of difficulty and realism according to your preferences and needs.

The app uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help you face your fears and challenge your negative thoughts. You can also access a virtual therapist who will guide you through the process and provide you with feedback and tips. The app tracks your progress and rewards you with achievements and badges as you complete each session.

VR Flight Therapy is based on scientific research and has been tested with real patients who have airplane phobia. The results show that the app is effective in reducing anxiety and increasing confidence and satisfaction with flying. The app is also fun and engaging, making it easier to stick to the treatment.

Whether you want to fly for business, leisure, or personal reasons, VR Flight Therapy can help you achieve your goals and enjoy the journey.

Technologies Used:


Game Development


Virtual Reality


Ehya clinic

time spent

12 days

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