Startup house teaser animation

Experience our captivating journey with the Startup House, where animation and game design converge. For over five years, we have been an integral part of this innovative ecosystem, crafting stunning visuals that breathe life into their space.

In 2018, we created a remarkable teaser animation, one of our earliest projects. Using Maya, we meticulously designed and animated a mesmerizing 3D representation of the Startup House. This pro bono collaboration reflected our shared vision of nurturing innovation and collaboration.

Now, we proudly present this milestone in our portfolio. The Startup House Teaser Animation showcases our growth as a company and our ability to push creative boundaries. Witness the vibrant atmosphere and visionary aesthetics that define this dynamic space.

Join us on this transformative journey, celebrating our partnership with the Startup House and the power of animation to bring ideas to life. Welcome to a world where imagination and innovation collide in stunning visuals.

Technologies Used:


Animation Design




Startup House

time spent

less than a week

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