Helix Hide And Seek Hyper Casual

helix hide and seek


Do you remember playing hide and seek with your friends when you were a kid? Do you want to relive those memories on your mobile device? Then you should try Helix Hide and Seek, a hypercasual game that recreates the classic sport with a twist. You can play with adorable and squishy balls that make soothing ASMR sounds. You can choose to be the hider or the seeker on a vertical helix tower labyrinth. The game has easy and smooth controls that let you move the balls around the maze puzzle platform. You can hide behind objects or find the hidden balls as fast as you can. The game is fun and challenging for all ages and skill levels. You can also unlock new balls and levels as you progress. Helix Hide and Seek is the ultimate game for anyone who loves ball games and sports games. Download it now and enjoy playing hide and seek with your friends or by yourself.

Technologies Used:


Game Development


Hyper Casual


Play Panda Games

time spent

2 weeks

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