Tetris Run Hypercasual

Tetris Run


Tetris Run is a hyper casual runner game for mobile devices that challenges your reflexes and spatial skills. In this game, you have to run through a series of gates and walls that have tetris-shaped holes on them. You have to choose the gate that matches the hole on the wall, otherwise you will crash and lose. If you choose the correct gate, you will collect the bricks from the wall and add them to your bag. You can use these bricks to fill the gaps on the bridges that you encounter on your way. But be careful, if you run out of bricks, you will fall from the bridge and end your run. How far can you go in this addictive and fun game? Find out in Tetris Run!

Technologies Used:


Game Development


Hyper Casual


Midopia game studio

time spent

1 week

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