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Welcome to the world of trading, where money is everything and time is money! In this hyper casual game, you take on the role of a trader who runs through the streets and collects cash, coins and bills. The more money you collect, the more they stick to your body in a satisfying sequence. But be careful, because there are different types of gates that can affect your wealth. Some gates will put your money in the bank and give you interest, some will change your money to tether and bitcoin and make you rich or poor depending on the market, and some will allow you to spend your money on amazing things like a sports car, a helicopter, a yacht and more. How far can you run and how much can you trade and spend in this exciting and addictive runner game? Test your skills and reflexes and challenge your friends to see who can become the ultimate trader!

Technologies Used:


Game Development


Hyper Casual


Midopia game studio

time spent

12 days

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