Crazy Ball 2048 Hyper Casual

Crazy ball 2048


Ball run 2048 Runner: The Ultimate Number Challenge


Do you love numbers and fast-paced action? Then this game is for you! In Hypercausal 2048 Runner, you steer a ball with a number on it through a colorful and dynamic world. Your mission is to hit other balls with the same number and merge them into a bigger one. The higher your number, the bigger your ball, and the more points you score. But be careful! There are also stickmen roaming around, and they have numbers too. If you encounter a stickman with a lower number than your ball, you can smash them and collect coins. But if you bump into a stickman with a higher number, you will lose a level and shrink. How long can you survive in this thrilling and addictive number game? Find out now in Hypercausal 2048 Runner!

Technologies Used:


Game Development


Hyper Casual


mew games

time spent

20 days

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